Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting Ready for the Refresh

Little Falls lower level.
There has been a tremendous amount of activity at Little Falls over the past two weeks as the staff prepared the building for the refresh project. All staff members have been cleaning out their respective work places and packing materials which can be re-used when the branch reopens.

The children's area on the lower level has transformed from a wonderful collection of books, toys, AWE workstations, computers,  picture books, DVDs, and CD's to an open space occupied by carpet squares There is indeed ample space for all of the characters in our picture books, housed on shelves along the walls, to come out to play.

Books on their way to storage.
Library materials have been boxed, labeled, and transported out of the branch to be stored in one of the county's warehouses until the end of the project. The empty space enclosed will be transformed within the next six months into a beautiful layout of new shelving, colorful furniture, and new and returned library materials, which we are all anxiously awaiting. The excitement is growing among staff, now that the project is underway.

Our first floor entry, on the upper level, will also see some changes, which will emerge as the refresh progresses. Based on the plans displayed during the last few weeks, we can look forward to more and improved seating, among other enhancements.

A well earned lunch.
Our library staff enjoyed the last day in the building with a wonderful lunch which was funded by the Friends of the Library, Little Falls, an organization which continues to be a great advocate for the Little Falls branch. We also took the opportunity to hold a birthday celebration for a staff member whose birthday fell on that day.

Little Falls staff members have been sent to nearby libraries until the refresh project is completed. Little Falls customers visiting these branches may be greeted by familiar faces.


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