Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mr. Librarian, What's Happening to the Little Falls Library?

Bare floor at Little FallsAs you know, the Little Falls Library is closed for a refresh, which will last for a period of about 6 months. We hope to reopen the library sometime in January 2017.

If perhaps you happened to make it into the building right now, you would be greeted with an enclosed space devoid of the regular library materials with which one is accustomed. In some areas the book shelves have been removed, and key stations around which there used to be a tremendous amount of activity, the Information Desk, and the Circulation Desk, are all gone. A closer look would reveal that even the carpet tiles throughout the building have been removed, and that the concrete flooring is staring back at you.

And, to respond to the question, "What's happening to the library?" here's an update. Now that those areas which have been slated for demolition have been removed - the Information Desk, the Circulation Desk, almost all the shelving in the Children's area, and about 40% of the shelving in the Adult area - the building is ready for the refresh activity.
Partially gutted Little Falls

In the "pipeline" in the near future will be framing and construction activity in areas where needed. This includes complete re-wiring throughout the building to accommodate the technology updates which will be introduced when the refresh is completed. There will be ample electrical outlets to allow for multiple users with their devices, together with a robust WiFi hardware for accessing the internet.

New shelving and furniture arrangements within the children's area hold the promise of an exciting, accommodating new area which will have the capability of flowing over to the meeting room if necessary. Public restrooms on the lower level are all presently gutted and will be rebuilt and refitted as part of this refresh. The Little Falls library will also have a special area dedicated to our teen population.

Bare shelves at Little FallsThere is indeed a lot that is happening with the Little Falls library. We will keep you informed as the refresh takes place.

As a reminder to all, if perhaps you have holds on items which you are awaiting, and still have the Little Falls library as your pick-up location, please change the pick-up of the item to another location. This can be done online or can be requested of any of the librarians at the library which you are using during this refresh period.

And keep viewing our blog for updates.


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