Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Almost Back on Track!

Almost Back on Track!

Beginning on a positive note, New Year Greetings to all within the Little Falls community.

It is with a tremendous feeling of relief that we are communicating that we are “almost back on track!” Back in mid-December, an underground 4 inch pipe, part of our water distribution system, broke just outside our utility room, thereby causing considerable damage to our heating and electrical systems, in addition to some of our storage holdings.

 As a precautionary measure the entire 4 inch water line has been replaced, from the WSSC connection which is adjacent to Massachusetts Avenue, on the property, to the front of the building.

The assessment of the damage is ongoing as systems are brought back to operation.  Power and water service have been restored to the building and repair work continues on both the electrical and heating systems. As a matter of fact, this accident has resulted in an upgrade to the electrical and heating equipment, which will be a benefit for the branch and customers.

Because of the setback caused by this accident, the reopening of the library from its refresh project, about which we are all extremely anxious, and rather excited, will take a bit longer than we originally planned. We will notify you via this blog and the department’s website when an opening date is determined. At this time we can only say it will be late spring, 2017.

Our refresh is at the stage where the bathrooms on the lower level have been refinished, and some repainting has been done throughout the building. On the upper level the Quiet Room has been given an appealing storefront enclosure.

We mentioned previously that the mural was relocated to a more visual position and this is our “anchor” piece of artwork as one enters the building on the upper level.

Those who travel through this area on a regular basis may have noticed the workmen on the roof. Yes! We are also getting a roof replacement, which enhances our “refreshed” status. There is indeed more to come as the various work crews return to the building to resume the construction and refresh activity.

To those who follow our activity blog, we apologize for the absence.  We are happy to report that the project is “Almost Back on Track!”