Thursday, March 23, 2017

Moving On, What’s Going On! … Little Falls Library

This week we are again returning our focus to the construction areas we discussed last week, since these remain the activity points of the refresh, and are crucial to completion, and, most certainly, the re-opening of the library.

Bulldozer and ditch
In December 2016, after the water pipe break, the area just outside our front entrance represented our greatest challenge.

Over the intervening months our Department of General Services has made considerable progress, so that in looking at that area now, I call this a “beautiful” picture, almost “made whole again.” As it stands, we are awaiting the setting/paving of the curb wall, and the repaving of the walkway from the front entrance to the parking lot. With that completed, our front facade will be restored.

Water main trench and lower level windows
To the right of the building, on the western side, the presence of the earth compacting equipment suggests the almost final earthworks restoration activity. The deep trench through which the 4 ins water main stretches, has been completely refilled, compacted, and awaits some landscaping activity. This area will also, very soon, be the site for a stormwater management project, overseen by the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. This project has been in planning since 2014, and is now in the final design and permit stages, with work to begin in the next two weeks. This project will enhance even further our Massachusetts Avenue visual landscaping.

Roller landscape compactorOn the inside of the building on the lower level, the toilet bowl fixtures which awaited the plumbers’ attention, have not only made it successfully to their final stations, but are now almost ready to be of service to all. The picture of the almost finished bathrooms provides proof of this step towards completion.

Restroom stallsThere are other bits and pieces remaining in the work specified for the refresh project, as well as the  completion of the installation of the HVAC system.

More to come, and we will continue to keep you informed, as it unfolds.


Ken Lewis
Little Falls Library

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