Friday, March 31, 2017

This Week at Little Falls, Inching Forward

Concrete apron at Little Falls LibraryA review of the work done at the Little Falls Library over the past week reveals that a concrete apron around the north-eastern side of the library has been installed, thereby giving a finished look to that section of the library and the parking lot area. If you do a quick review of the last three blogs, you will find a description of  the “then and now” of that area.  Next week the entire parking lot will be repaved and restriped, completing the exterior work required as a result of the water pipe break in December.

Repairing the underlay of the roof at Little Falls LibraryWork on the roof continues as the crew replaces the entire underlay portion of the roof around the building. This work should eliminate the "cascading downpours" that previously came from various roof areas around the building.

On the inside, throughout the building, the electricians are continuing the installation of power and data drops. This is necessary because there has been some reconfiguration of areas within the library as a part of the refresh project. One example of this is the addition of a signage monitor at the new circulation/information desk, which, through its display, will inform customers of all the programs which will be available at the Little Falls Library within a selected timeframe.                                  
New data drops at Little Falls Library

On the lower level, on the floor area which extends from the bottom of the stairs to the exit doors leading to Massachusetts Ave, work is underway to replace the tiles which were damaged by the flood. That tile design ties into the pattern already used in the meeting room and the children’s area. And, the work continues, …

Check back soon for more news about the refresh activity.

Ken Lewis
Little Falls Library

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