Friday, April 14, 2017

Little Falls Library, ... please be seated!

Little Falls furniture - table
Little Falls Library, ... please be seated!

Furniture for the library is slowly beginning to arrive,

On the upper level at the western end of the building where the fiction collection is located, there are three new comfortable lounge chairs.  They are located just underneath the large window and give a fantastic view of the library grounds and surrounding area. This has been a preferred seating area for many of our customers in the past, and we expect it to continue to be a popular place with the comfortable new furniture.

Arcadia chairs
In the same area, one will find seating and access to additional computers which will accommodate the increased flow of traffic as a result of more customers using the building.                                                    

Across from the new service desk area, there will also be lounge chairs, which will allow for sitting and reading in a comfortable atmosphere.

One of our end goals for the refresh was the creation of a Teen Space, which will delight the teens who visit the library. We are fortunate to have a dynamic Young Adult librarian who is working diligently to provide the teens in the community with the programming and materials which fall within their areas of interest. Add a welcoming and teen related ambiance, and we are hoping to see our efforts bear fruit.                                                    

Little Falls teen area furniture
Teen Space
Our Quiet Room has been given more functional space with the removal of the large wooden carrels, and our customers are now able to observe the library grounds through the large window on the eastern side. This room has also acquired some comfortable furniture, with tables for laptop usage in the middle. This location will also house our magazines and newspapers.  I am just as excited about the sitting area on the western end of the building, as I am about this area on the eastern side. Each has its charms and inducements. And although I have shared my thoughts with you about the wonderful, colorful, comfortable furniture, we will keep the furniture “under wraps” until our opening day.

Quiet Room chairs and tables
Quiet Room

Check back soon for more news about the refresh activity.

Ken Lewis
Little Falls Library

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