Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cleaning, Shelving, and Signage, Oh My!

This past week at the Little Falls Library flew by! The team worked hard to start reshelving the collection and preparing the branch for our eagerly anticipated reopening. Before I delve into what has happened this week, I wanted to take some time to give a little more information on who I am.

I started working in libraries in high school at the Catonsville Branch of the Baltimore County Public Library. I started as a person who put books back on the shelves, and I was fairly quickly promoted to a supervisory position. From there, I worked my way up the ladder on both the circulation and librarian side of the system. I tried my hand at many different facets of the library world. I was lucky enough to find my vocation in management.

Libraries are a special place to perform that role. It's a unparalleled pleasure to work at all times to better serve our customers. Very few places I have worked exhibit the dedication to their customers that public libraries do, and I value getting to be a part of that world. So, when I became aware of the Library Manager vacancy in Montgomery County Public Libraries, I knew I could bundle all that experience I gained in Baltimore County and bring it here to Montgomery County to share and grow. 

I live in Catonsville with my wife and our month old daughter, Grace. I'm really looking forward to meeting the Little Falls community in person and to continue working to give you exceptional library service!

Now, on to the library! Our staff worked hard to start organizing and shelving the loads of materials that had been packed up or newly arrived while the branch was being refreshed. But before we could put the materials on the shelf, we had to make sure that they were dust-free and book ready. 

Empty book shelves

Once that was done, we had great help from our movers to unbox the items and line them up for evaluation and organization.

Library books on tables awaiting sorting and reshelving

Library books on tables awaiting sorting and reshelving
Finally, we began loading them onto the shelves.

Library books on shelves
We still have a lot of work ahead of us; the pictures barely do justice to just how robust our collection is. And with every shelf we fill, we cannot wait for our customers to get back in and start borrowing again!

In addition to our team's work preparing and shelving materials, we had workers on site beginning the construction on our new staff kitchen. Thanks to the Little Falls Chapter of the Friends of the Library, Montgomery County, Inc. for their generous support of this construction; it is greatly appreciated by the Little Falls Library staff!

Staff kitchen under construction
Finally, we started the process of selecting the new signs for the branch to match our new color scheme and to represent the collections that have moved.

This week's progress has really started to make the branch feel like a library again! We still have a lot of work to go, but each day brings visible proof of our march towards the grand reopening.

I hope you continue to follow the blog to keep abreast of updates and the eventual announcement of our reopening date! Thank you for your patience as we continue to refresh the branch for your enjoyment, and thank you for your continued support of Montgomery County Public Libraries (Where the County Reads, Where the County Meets, Where the County Learns).

Patrick Fromm,
Little Falls

Little Falls branch manager Patrick Fromm


  1. When is the grand reopening? We are all hoping it will be soon!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Hope!

      I'm sorry we don't have a date yet for the reopening but when we do we will post it. So glad everyone is excited for it!

      Best wishes to you too!

    2. From LF Branch Manager Peter Fromm -

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to me, Hope! I appreciate your interest in the Little Falls Library reopening.

      Unfortunately, I do not have a concrete date for the branch to reopen. Rest assured that we are working hard to get everything ready to open as soon as possible. Our staff are all extremely excited to open our doors to the community again.

      In the meantime, please follow our blog where I will be posting regular updates and will unveil the opening date as soon as it is confirmed, and please feel welcome to use the nearby Chevy Chase, Davis, or Bethesda libraries.

      Thank you for your continued support of Montgomery County Public Libraries--where the County reads, where the County meets, where the County learns.

  2. The pictures look great. Can't wait for the library to open again. We have missed the convenience of having our books close by. Welcome to our neighborhood and our library, Patrick.