Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lots of Progress at Little Falls

This has been another intense week at Little Falls! Workers of all sorts were in and out preparing the branch for its reopening, and all sorts of satisfying and aesthetically pleasing signs of progress were visible.

Painters gave a bright new coat of paint to the entrance, the molding around the windows, and other exterior areas of the building.

Newly painted doors at Little Falls Library

In addition, our elevators were painted to cover over lots of wear and tear. They look super spiffy and ready for action.

Little Falls Library's repainted elevator

All of our wooden doors were sanded down and stained. Eons of fingerprints, scrapes, and rogue marker streaks were erased in the blink of an eye. All the doors now radiate a warm, clean glow.

Restored wooden doors

Next, our quiet room shelving was removed in order to make way for fresh new shelving. We're extremely excited for that shelving to arrive, and we know the room is going to look totally transformed when we are finished. 

Finally, our new water line for the coffee vending machine was installed. Personally, this is one of my favorite additions. Nothing aids relaxing with a book like a hot cup of coffee, and this will allow all of our Little Falls customers to take advantage of that experience. 

On the staff side, our new desk was constructed in our workroom, and it looks perfect! Just in time too, because we have been working in the collection heavily to prepare for the opening.

New desk with desktop computer in the Little Falls staff area

We've gotten rid of the ancient foam hiding in our old shelving, and we are continuing to sort through materials to remove dirty, broken, or outdated materials and replace them with new books, audiobooks, and DVDs. 

Debris from the construction work within Little Falls

Whew. It certainly took a lot of work, but it seems like things are clicking into place as we head towards our reopening. Please continue to follow this blog to be notified of the opening date and to keep up to date on more progress at Little Falls. 

Thank you for supporting Montgomery County Public Libraries--where the County reads, where the County meets, where the County learns! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Things are Bright at Little Falls

Another two weeks at the Little Falls Library brings more updates to our journey to reopen the library! The first update I would like to share is that we have a general timeline for the Little Falls Library to reopen. We hope to reopen in late July or early August. Our staff was able to return to the branch this week, and we'll be assessing the work needed to reopen the library. Once this is done, there will be a concrete date announced. Thank you for continuing to bear with us and support us as we make the library an even better part of Montgomery County Public Libraries.

This week was filled with construction as the lighting installers worked hard to install all of our new fixtures. Our areas with lower ceilings: childrens, teen, and audiobooks / DVDs, all got gorgeous embedded lights in the ceiling. It really brightens up the whole area, and it will make it much more welcoming, attractive, and easy to find what you are looking for! 

Light fixtures above the audiobooks section of Little Falls Library

Our higher ceilings are getting  more efficient and attractive lights compared to the previous wide, older rectangular florescent lights. These new lights have a much lower profile, which means that the lovely view from our windows is more visible and entrancing than ever. 

New light fixtures on the high ceiling of Little Falls Library

In other news, painters were on site painting the exterior of the building, and it is looking fabulous. The new coat of paint does wonders to restore the wear and tear of time, and it has been exciting to see how different the library looks from the beginning of each day to its end.

Some of our older shelving in the quiet study room has been removed to make room for new, attractive shelves, and we could not be happier! 

I hope you'll continue to follow this blog as we draw closer to the opening, and thank you for all of your support for Montgomery County Public Libraries--where the County reads, where the County meets, where the County learns! 

Patrick Fromm, 
Little Falls

Friday, June 9, 2017

The March of Progress Continues at Little Falls

Another week has passed by and Little Falls has continued to see a revolving door of wonderful people working to make sure that the branch is clean, updated, and fully refreshed for its reopening.

First things first, our signage process continued with a visit from Ashley from Image360. She prepared mock-ups for our new signage and picked out a color palette. It was a fun process thinking about all the library customers' needs and what signs will work best to highlight all of our offerings! Without the lights, it was a little difficult to match colors to the signs, but we got creative and persevered.

A man and a woman comparing color palettes to the Little Falls Library carpet.

Work on the lighting continued, this week as all of the light components were delivered to the library in preparation for their installation.

Stacks of lighting components in cardboard boxes.

Additionally, we had a visit from a power washer who sprayed clean the exterior of the building to free it of ivy, vines, and grime that had accumulated over time. It's a pretty major jump from before...

Grimy exterior of Little Falls Library

to after.

Power washed exterior of Little Falls Library

 And now, it is primed and ready for a fresh coat of paint which will be coming soon.

On the staff workroom side of things, our cute, new dishwasher was installed, and one of our cabinets was removed in order to be converted into more desk space.

Overall, it was a busy week here at Little Falls, and every day brings new progress and movement towards our reopening. Please keep following the blog for more updates. Thank you for your patience as we ensure that Little Falls library is refreshed and ready for you all! And, as always, thank you for supporting Montgomery County Public Libraries--where the County reads, where the County meets, where the County learns.

Patrick Fromm,
Little Falls

Friday, June 2, 2017

Preparation of the Branch for Reopening Continues . . .

The Department of General Services (DGS) continues its work on the finer details of the refresh project. Contractors removed old lighting fixtures in preparation for the installation of new ones next week.  Painters began painting the interior of the Massachusetts Avenue entrance doors.  Ceiling tile replacement is still underway. Additionally, the kitchen renovation is almost finished, and it looks lovely.

On the technology side, our ADA workstations were activated and tested out this week.

ADA workstation computer at Little Falls Library

Please continue to follow the blog, as we keep you informed about the work the Department of General Services has underway to get the branch ready for reopening.  Thank you for your dedication and support of Montgomery County Public Libraries (Where the County Reads, Where the County Meets, Where the County Learns).

Patrick Fromm,
Little Falls