Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Post You Have Been Waiting For

Welcome back to another week's update of the Little Falls Library! Were it possible to insert a drum roll into a blog post, I would absolutely be doing that now. It is my incredible pleasure to announce that the Little Falls Library will have a soft reopening on Saturday, July 29th at 10 AM. At that point, we will resume normal service and welcome all our customers back into the newly refreshed space. Everyone here is anxiously waiting to start serving you again.

But the fun does not stop there! On Saturday, August 26, Little Falls will have a grand reopening ceremony. This will be a celebration of all the hard work that went into updating and renovating the branch. It will also be a celebration of the dedication and patience of our community as you waited for the library to reopen. Please mark it on your calendars.

Now, onto our progress from this week. The major headline from our work at the branch this week was the incredible efforts of our team to shift several collections in order to make room for new materials that had come in while the refresh project has been going on. Our work on the adult collection is almost done.

In addition to the adult collection, our children's collection team has also been working full force to get the incredible wealth of materials sorted, shelved, and ready for the reopening. The room is still a work in progress, but every day brings major steps towards a collection that is ready for our young customers to explore and be delighted. 

In building news, the last few lighting fixtures' installation has begun in the quiet room and the meeting room. We're extremely excited to see how appealing these areas are with the new lights turned on. 

New light fixtures at Little Falls Library

We also got wonderful sheeting on our walls to protect against the frequent flow of heavy metal carts and boxes. This will keep your library looking attractive and new despite the wear and tear of heavy use. 

Protective sheeting along walls of Little Falls Library

And, last but not least, we prepared for the delivery of our furniture in the children's librarians' and manager's offices by removing the old furniture. So, since there is a little bit of lag time before the new furniture is delivered, I'm writing this entry from the floor (sure, I could use one of our other computers, but would that be as fun of a photo?). Even though I am sitting low, my spirits are high because I know that every day brings us closer to reopening our doors. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing the honor of welcoming you back to your refreshed Little Falls Library. 

Chairless Little Falls Library manager Patrick Fromm

Please continue to follow this blog for more updates. And, as always, thanks for supporting Montgomery County Public Libraries--Where the County Reads, Where the County Meets, Where the County Learns! 

Patrick Fromm, 
Little Falls


  1. What I'm most looking forward to is a children's section that is bright, cheery and inviting, and actually has the books that kids are reading in 2017.

    Frankly, the LF library children's section met none of those criteria before it closed.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback, Alec! I can guarantee that the new Little Falls children's area is extremely bright and inviting, and the collection is packed to the gills with new, in -demand materials for our wide range of child visitors. I cannot wait for you to see it!

      Also, if you are interested in sharing any specific examples of areas that you felt needed improvement prior to our closing, please email me at I'd be happy to pass them on to our children's team so they can continue to meet the needs of the community.

      Additionally, if you would like to continue to offer input on the Little Falls Library, please consider joining our Library Advisory Comittee. You can find our more about the Little Falls LAC here -

      Thank you for reaching out to Montgomery County Public Libraries--Where the County Reads, Where the County Meets, Where the County Learns.

      ~Patrick Fromm